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How To Tie A D Loop

How To Tie A D LoopHow To Tie A D Loop - A d loop can help increase accuracy for bowhunters and target archers, as the release of the arrow is ideally centered.

The jaws or rope of the release aid is ideally directly behind the arrow, thus creating minimal downward force when released, as opposed to a release aid nocked under the arrow.

BCY d loop cord or similar material is perfect, as some cord may be too soft and not hold it's shape. Too stiffer material may torque the bowstring when at full draw.

There are several ways to construct a d loop, such as; tie the loop on the bowstring and then cut and burn it. However, the following method as shown below is bow string safe.


Burning D-Loop CordUse a candle or lighter to burn one end of the material. Be careful not to let it catch on fire or burn it for too long, as it will weaken the material. (You cut and burn both ends, however you may loose some length in the burning process, so it may be best to burn one end then measure.)


D Loop BroadheadWhile the cord is hot, use a teaspoon or the flat side of a broadhead to help fuzz and ball the d loop end. Ideally the end should be like a mushroom and twice the size of the cord so the knot doesn't slip off.




D Loop CordMeasure and cut around 4 1/2 inches (11.43 cm) from the ball end. This length will depend on your release aid design, arrow nock length, extra nock sets and shooting style preference.





Burning D Loop CordBurn and fuzz the other end of the d loop.



D Loop & Bowstring WaxUse bow string wax to rub on the d loop, as this will help it hold in place better.






D Loop 1Double the material over and place under the bow string.







D Loop 2With the two loose ends thread back into the loop.







D Loop 3Pull up one end so it tightens on itself and make sure the ball doesn't slip through.







D Loop 4Place the other end under the bow string.







D Loop 5Thread the end through the loop.






D Loop 6Place it back over the string.






D Loop 7Thread it under and through the left side, pulling firmly to position the mushroom or ball end so it also tightens on itself. This end knot should be facing the opposite direction from the other knot, as this will lessen the chance of the knot slipping, as it tightens on itself.




Note - Before you tighten the d loop make sure that it is in the correct position for the setup, arrow and arrow rest. (For more information see Nocking Points and D Loops)


D Loop Release AidCheck the ball end knots are through enough so they don't slip. Tighten the d loop firmly with the back of pointy nose pliers or a release aid. Double check the knot before firing.

Finished D LoopHow To Tie A D Loop - Finished result. Make sure you check your d loop regularly for wear and replace it when needed.